Grooming & Clippers

MSH Super Sharp Services provide a sharpening service to the Hairdressing, Textile, Equestrian World, Pet Professionals, Groomers, Veterinarians, Farm and Pet Owners for all of their scissors and clipper blades.




At MSH Super Sharp Services we provide professional sharpening for your scissors and clipper blades carried out to a precise and skilled procedure. When sharpening is carried out correctly,  it enables you to more efficiently and prolongs the life of your equipment.


When your need for sharpening becomes apparent you can rest assured that we have the correct knowledge and equipment to restore and reproduce the best cutting ability for your scissors and blades.

When sending your scissors or blades to us that have been unsuccessfully sharpened or set in the past, then please label these blades clearly so we can correctly diagnose the fault, and get them sent back to you in the fastest possible time.

We are a recommended service and repair centre for most popular makes of clippers, shears and driers as well as many other grooming products.  Any repairs that are needed to your equipment will not be carried out without your prior authority, with a full breakdown of cost of repair given before any work is completed.  Please see our comprehensive price list for details along with details of our cost effective mail order service.


Please note: Horse and Cattle Blades are not guaranteed as these have to be set by the individuals and if over-tensioned this can blunt or damage the blades straight away.