Welcome to MSH Super Sharp Services

We are a family company who provide a sharpening, servicing and repair service to the Hairdressing and Dog grooming Industries, Textile and Catering Trades and also the Veterinary, Pet and Horse Worlds. We also sharpen domestic knives and garden equipment and small workshop tools.

  • Do your scissors or knives cut right to the tips?
  • Have your scissors or blades lost their “new” feeling?
  • Have they been dropped and damaged?
  • Or do they just not feel right?
  • Has your dryer lost its power?
  • Is your clipper getting hot or running slow?

Neglecting maintenance to the tools of your trade can have a very negative effect on business. Dropping scissors, clippers and knives can prove to be disastrous. Even after cleaning, any small amount of dirt left can damage the steel in a very short period of time.

When sharpening becomes necessary you can be sure that we have the correct knowledge and equipment.

We can sharpen most types of scissors and clipper blades in accordance with the manufacturers design. In most cases we can remove bumps and nicks to damaged scissors so they cut like new again. Regular servicing and maintenance can unleash your creativity by increasing your scissors true cutting potential.

Let MSH Super Sharp Services provide you with a fast friendly and dedicated on site mobile or mail order service for sharpening all of your scissors, shears and clippers.

We provide an on site mobile service for multiple items serving the majority of the Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and East Midlands Area. If you do not fall within our radius we offer a great value mail order service with a fast turn around.

To request further information then please do not hesitate to contact us