Scissors & Knives

At MSH Super Sharp Services we offer scissor, knife and blade sharpening service to catering professionals, home users,  and the general public households.

A sharp knife is easier to control and requires little effort, avoids accidents, reduces wastage and improves the finished product which promotes your skill and creativity.

A Sharp Knife is a Safe Knife!

Blade Sharpening
Blade Sharpening

MSH Super Sharp Services offer one of the best mobile sharpening systems in the UK, delivering that “NEW” edge feeling to your knives, scissors and blades.

We can sharpen the following items;

  • Chefs Knives
  • Lawnmower blades
  • Gardening cutters

There is no need to send your knives away or have them out of use if you fall within our catchment area. Save time and money by asking us to sharpen them on your premises or at your home, or bring your knives to our workshop.

Please make an appointment with us first so we can turn them around for you in fastest time possible, or please send your knives to us by post.

If you are unsure then why not try us with a knife you are going to throw away. We can bring back almost any edge and your blades will be expertly reground to a razor like finish.  We can also re-tip and shape damaged knives.

Please see our comprehensive price list for more details.